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Bollé Safety is one of the first manufacturers to offer co-branding service to their customers. Thanks to this program and our commitment to push our limits to satisfy your needs, you benefit from an innovative service and manufacturing quality beyond any reproach.

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4 good reasons to choose Bollé Safety's co-branding for your safety eyewear:

Full co-branding from only
1200 pairs

We create a product that manifests your company : lens marking, temples marking, temples colours, NO LIMITS to the creation!

Your brand is visible

Working on different sites, both inside and outside of the company, your employees will convey the identity of your brand and raise greater awareness of your company.

You offer your employees eyewear that they
want to wear

Because the look is essential and it is easier to promote a product that looks good, your employees will be proud to wear their ultra-personalized glasses!

You have a unique

A specific product reference number is created making it easy for you to reorder. If you wish to place a new order, just send us your reference code and we will start manufacturing!

Bollé Safety


You can choose to add your logo either on the lens, on the temples or on the case (if the product is delivered with a case).
If you want to use the logo several times on the same reference (ex: marking on the lens + on the temples), an additional cost will be applied.

More than 150 co-branding projects have already been executed